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pets are family and deserve to have access to the best products possible


Because pets made life better.

Welcome to Youmi Pets, your one-stop-shop for all your furry friend’s needs! We offer high-quality pet products for dogs and cats at affordable prices.

Cat Supplies

Our cat supplies are carefully curated to cater to the unique needs of feline companions

Dog Supplies

Our dog supplies are designed to cater to the wide range of breeds, sizes, and lifestyles of man’s best friend.

Massive selection
We choose products with favorable prices and reliable quality every month
High Quality
Strictly screen products
We will regularly inspect product quality, collect customer feedback on the product, and ensure the supply of high-quality pet supplies
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Providing You with High Quality Pet Supplies

We currently offer pet supplies mainly for cats and dogs, but are developing new pet supplies as well

Cat Supplies

Includes cat scratching post, pet bed, pet bowl, and grooming tools, etc.

Dog Supplies

Includes dog chew toys, dog ramp, dog leash, pet cot, and pet feeder, etc.


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