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How to keep your dog happier with simple tricks

We all know the term “Man’s best friend”, it is used to describe dogs. It signifies the loyalty and obedience of dogs, particularly domesticated dogs that people have come to appreciate so much. Over the ages, dogs have become an essential part of human life since they play many roles in society. Companion, protector, police aid, guides for the elderly and handicapped are just a few of the roles that dogs play. Being such a helpful animal, they have to be taken care of. 

Exercise is a very effective when it comes to keeping your dog happy. Other than the obvious health benefits it also helps your dog to burn the extra energy that it has. Most people choose to walk their dogs daily, it enables the dogs to burn off their extra energy healthily and also acts as an exercise for their owners. Other people go to the park and play fetch or drop them off at doggy day cares. ThiDog Retractable Leash and Dog Water Bottle can help your dog get exercise well.


These are 2 simple tricks that could be applied to keep your dog happy. Do you agree that?

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