In addition to bite resistance, what else is there to choose a dog toy?

In addition to bite resistance, what else is there to choose a dog toy?

There are many types of dog toys, how should the owner choose the right one? Most people choose bite-resistant toys to make the toy last longer. Besides, what else must be paid attention to? In fact, choose the right toy. It can even improve the dog's biting behavior, enhance the emotion between the owner and the dog, and whether the components of the toy are safe, so that the dog can play happily and the owner can feel at ease.

What can toys help dogs

Improve bad habits

Many bad habits of dogs originate from excessive energy, and they like to find other things to do. Therefore, if the toy is selected well and the dog spends his energy on the toy, he will not get bored and indirectly improve some of the bad habits. It is customary for the owner to observe the dog’s reaction to the toy, not just buy it and leave it alone.

Exercise to lose weight

Most people may live a busy life and cannot take their dogs out for a run every day. If they have their favorite toys and let the dogs have something to do, they will not be lazy all day, and it is also very helpful to their health.

Increase interaction with the owner

Everyone knows that dogs like to play games that you lose and I pick up. Of course it’s great to play with toys. Or if the space is big enough, you can also play frisbee. It’s a great interactive game between people and dogs. 

Help to grind teeth

Puppies will feel discomfort during tooth replacement. You can prepare chewable toys to relieve it. If your dog has the habit of biting and destroying things, you can also improve it.

How to choose the right toy

Consider the age and size of the dog. Toys played by puppies may accidentally be eaten by adult dogs, or balls played by large dogs are too big for small dogs. The owner should take into consideration the dog’s condition to avoid danger without good results.

How to choose the material

When choosing a toy for a dog, pay attention to the same as children’s toys. The material depends on whether it has a qualified safety certification. Then you also need to consider the dog’s personality, age, and body. The dog with strong destructive power must of course be more difficult to choose. Toys that are not dangerous if bitten or broken.

Let the dog pick

When choosing a toy, it is of course best if you can bring the dog with you. Let the dog read the text by himself, and the owner can evaluate which one is more interested in, and then make a choice.

Change tricks occasionally

Dogs are also bored with the same things. Even if they like it, they will always be the same ball. In the end, they will become less fun. So the owner can choose a few more toys for rotation, or buy new ones every once in a while. Change.

Don't be greedy for petty bargains

It’s not that you have to spend a lot of money to buy very expensive toys, but after all, you can buy toys that cost a penny on the roadside. If the quality is poor, for example, the plastic composition is not safe, and there will be sharp fragments after damage. It may cause the dog to eat or be injured by mistake, so be careful.