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Dog Treat Dispensing Toy

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Dog Training Toy
Unfold the toy into a stick shape, you can see that there are multiple pockets in the magic lamp body and hide some food inside. Letting dogs get food through sniffing and physical exercise will help train their foraging skills.
Squeakers Design
It is also a high quality dog squeak toy with 3 charming round sounders. When your dog presses the interactive toys, it will make funny sounds to excite your puppy. 10 minutes of sniffing ≈ 1 hour of running.
Release emotions
This chew toy is a perfect and sturdy toy to soothe your dog’s boredom and anxiety. When you are at home, you can have good interact with pets. The dog snuffle toy allows your dog to release emotions and avoid your dog being bored and engaged in destructive behavior.
Safe Chew Toy
The dog snuffle toy is fixed by Velcro, which can spiral into the shape of a magic lamp and is not easy to disperse. We use high quality plush fabric to design dog bite toys. Non-toxic, tasteless and soft. Plush of snail snuffle toy is very soft and safe for your dog.
Easy To Clean
The dog puzzle toy is very easy to clean, it can be washed by washing machine or hand. It will be better to wash this toy twice a week. It’s meaningful for the growth of puppies.

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Dog Treat Dispensing Toy


  • Dog Treat Dispensing Toy

    Aladdin’s Lamp Style

    The latest dog squeak toy allows your dog to discover the fun of this toy and release their emotional stress. In addition, we also designed double-sided Velcro, you can roll it up as you like, no matter which side, our dog puzzle toy is very cute.

  • Dog Treat Dispensing Toy

    Funny Squeakers Inside

    Our squeaky toy with 3 build-in squeakers in its head and body, when your dog presses on it that will make out a funny noise to make your puppy exciting. Take out this snuffle dog toy with you dog to go for a walk or a travel, I believe that you will have a wonderful time together.

  • Dog Treat Dispensing Toy

    Satisfy Multiple Demand

    Our dog need our company and interaction. The interactive plush dog toy is suitable for indoor and outdoor play, such as tug-of-war, dragging, fetch etc. It can enhance the relationship and interaction between you and your dog, and can also meet the needs of dogs who need the owner’s company.

  • Dog Treat Dispensing Toy

    Improve Your Dog’s IQ

    YOUMI dog snuffle mat toy has 4 treat dispenser pockets. Put treat in dog toy, roll it up and stick the velcro to hide treats. Your pet will get feed through explore & game, it helps to train dog’s foraging skills. Dog puzzle toys make IQ exercise, play and feed at the same time.

Dog Treat Dispensing Toy

YOUMI Snuffle Mat Treat Dispensing Dog Toys!

Why Do You Choose The Dog Snuffle Toy?

  • Bright Colors: The dog toy are bright yellow and blue as a whole, attracting the attention of your fur children and allowing them to play happily indoors.
  • 4 Hidden Food Pockets: The design of 4 hidden food pockets allows your dog to form a slow-food habit and train their foraging skills at the same time.
  • 3 Squeaking Vocalizers: We have placed a squeaking vocalizer on the head, middle and tail of the caterpillar to keep your pet alive for a long time while playing.