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2-in-1 Massage & Deshedding Pet Grooming Brush

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Pets  Dog, Cat
Teeth Material Round Stainless Pin
Color Green/Pink
Function Grooming & Massage

Product features

【2-in-1 grooming tool】

Plastic claw comb brushes out tangled hairs, massages skin. Stainless steel brush removes tangled hair, dander and residual dirt gently.

【Cleaning and Healthy】

Safety material, gentle for your pet's skin, and never scratch your fur friend. This is also conducive to promoting the blood circulation and metabolism of pets and keeping them healthy.

【Ergonomic design】

Easy to operate with one hand, comfortable to hold, anti wrist fatigue even grooming your pet for long time, let the cats and dogs relax and enjoy.


Light and small, the two parts can be combined into a small one, easy to put it in your pocket o backpack. You can engage in intimate behaviors with your pet anytime and anywhere to enhance feelings.


Supports 18-month guarantee and 24-hour after-sales service to ensure 100% satisfaction. If you have any questions, or for any reason, you are not happy with the cat comb, don't hesitate to contact us at anytime!
Pet Comb Grooming Brush
Pet Comb Grooming Brush
Pet Comb Grooming Brush
Pet Comb Grooming Brush
Pet Comb Grooming Brush

Customer Reviews

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Christine Coats
Very effective

My cat is very sketch about things touching him, but absolutely loves this product.. he sometimes suffers with hair balls and won’t do the jellies made for hair balls, so I feel this is my way of helping prevent them