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Cactus Cat Scratching Post With Hammock Bed

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Product Size

High 31.5 "
Base 15.7" * 15.7 "
Hammock High 15"

    Cactus Cat Tree

    Cactus Cat Tree
    Cactus Cat Tree
    Cactus Cat Tree

    Creative Design

    The bowl covered with natural sisal not only keeps the cat's paw clean and healthy, but also lowers the center of gravity, enhances stability, is not afraid of knocking over.And the additional dangling ball increases the playability for the cat,compared with other products, the bottom is not boring anymore.

    Cactus Cat Tree

    Cactus Shape

    Do you want to buy an ugly cat scratching tree? Other cat scratch trees in the living room do not match your decoration style at all. Our cactus shape is very Cute and can fit your living room style. It is wrapped in natural sisal ,and the color is very beautiful,looks like a Work of Art.

    Cactus Cat Tree

    Comfortable Hammock

    This is not only a cat scratching post, but also a hammock. We use soft and comfortable materials to make it strong and durable. Special plush reduces the probability of the cat's claws getting stuck on the fabric.

    Cactus Cat Tree

    Dangling Ball and Sisal Posts

    Cats can clean their paws in any position due to 90% of the posts area is covered with Natural sisal.Above hammock there is a dangling ball suspended from a post,cats can play it while lying on the hammock. And also you can even take a video when they are lying on the hammock and playing with the floating ball, post it on social media and share with your friends.

    Cactus Cat Tree

    The assembly is simple and can be done in less than five minutes by following the instructions. We have been committed to providing simple installation, stable and safe products.

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 5 reviews
    It's Just Me
    Cats love the hammock but the posts are narrow at 2 ½” diameter

    My cats really enjoy the hammock. It’s on the small side, but not too small for my 10-11 pound cats. One cat also really enjoys the rounded scratching dome. We have a number of scratching posts but this is the first with a dome. It’s a worthwhile addition. The material on this is much nicer than the standard carpet or thin plush fur-type covering. It makes the scratching post look to be of better quality, even if this is an inexpensive scratching post. I will say that the posts themselves are on the thin side, though not ridiculously so. I measured them as being about 2 ½” in diameter.

    M. Broome
    Great purchase. Totally worth it

    Impressive product. My cat really likes it. Right now he is getting used to sleep on the bed for rest. If I will get another cat someday in future, i will not hesitate to purchase this product again.

    Prachi Patel

    The tree has a heavy base. It is not shaking when cat is on it. Cat scratches his paws in it, which saves my couches. The look is really like a real tree. Kinda a decoration for my home.

    Cat and human approved!

    My cat curled right up into the hammock! I love that this item has multiple uses-a cat tower, a bed and a scratching post. This is so well made and such high quality. It's very durable, but also very easy to assemble-it was ready in about 5 minutes. And let's be honest, as a cat owner I love this because it is absolutely adorable, and I love watching my cat snuggled up in the hammock. Highly recommend for the crazy cat lady in your life.

    My cats like it!

    Great purchase! My cats love the new toy+bed they got and they can stay on it all day long! the color of the product fits my room well, and the size of the product is perfect for me since I love moving things around. Definitely worth buying!