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21 inch Cat Scratching Posts with Natural Sisal Carrot

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Size 21inch×14inch
Weight 3.5lbs
Material Natural Sisal, Polyester
Model Carrot ( Improved Version of Leaves )

YOUMI Cat Scratching post (Carrot Improved Type)

The newly introduced carrot-type cat scratcher does not feel oppressive when placed in the room, and is perfect for the interior of the room. Compared to the cardboard type, there is less sharpening residue and it is easier to clean the room. All carrots are wrapped in hemp rope, and anyone, from kittens to large cats, can scratch their claws anywhere!

Cute Appearance

The Newly Introduced Carrot-shaped Cat Scratching Post Is Very Cute And Do Not Feel Oppressive Even When Placed In The Room. Keeps Your Cats From Damaging Carpets, Furniture, Curtains, Etc.

Stable Design

Adopting A Solid And Thick Base, It Is Well-balanced And You Do Not Have To Worry About It Falling Over! Even If A Big Cat Plays, It Is Hard To Shake And Has Excellent Stability, So Both The Owner And The Cat Can Use It With Confidence.

High-Quality Material

The Body Of The Carrot Is Made Of Natural Hemp String And Can Be Used For A Long Time Compared To The Corrugated Cardboard Scratcher. In Addition, There Is Little Residue And It Is Easy To Clean The Room. The Leaves Have Also Been Improved From Conventional Plastic To High Quality Polyester. Durable And Not Easily Scratched. All Ingredients Are Harmless To Your Cat's Health And Are Safe As A Scratching Toy.

Easy To Assemble

Japanese And English Illustrated Instruction Manuals Are Included, So Even A Single Woman Can Assemble. If You Have Any Problems, Please Feel Free To Contact Us. We Will Respond Responsibly Until The End.

The carrot body is made of natural hemp rope, and cats can sharpen their claws.

The improved leaves are made of fine polyester and make a sound to the touch.


 The base is thick and sturdy, and the fabric is soft and comfortable

Easy to Assemble
Easy to assemble, with instructions, even one woman can do it.

Excellent Stability
It is well-balanced, you don't have to worry about it falling over, and even if a big cat plays, it won't shake easily and has excellent stability.

Shipping & Returns

Ships From US, and 5-10 Business Days To Arrive

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
D. Osgood
Top is indestructable.

This thing has survived at least thirteen playful kittens and come through unscathed. Recommend it over the plastic-fronded version.

Actually very impressed! Easy to put together and decently made!

The orange top came very well wrapped in bubble wrap. The bottom you just use the included allen wrench to put in the screw and washer. Setup took no time at all! Once screwed together it's very sturdy! The green carrot leaves are crinkly which the cats seem to love. All 3 of my cats love this scratch post and instantly took to it!

Nenia Campbell
THIS IS ADORABLE!!! and it's SUPER EASY to put together!

I got this for my cat because she has a carrot toy she really likes and I thought it would be fun to get her a scratching post shaped like a much bigger carrot. First, this is super easy to put together. It comes with a wrench, a single screw, and a metal ring. All you have to do is put the screw through the hole in the particleboard base (which is carpeted on the side your kitty will stand on) and then put the ring on and screw the carrot into the base. It took me under five minutes to assemble, which you really can't beat.

I think the post is made of sisal? It feels like sisal. The "leaves" of the carrot are crinkly and coated in soft fabric and you can move and bat them around, so your cat will have something to play with while using the post. It's pretty well made and looks adorable and it's so easy to put together. I'm honestly really happy with this and in love with the way it looks.

Whimsical Scratching Post

My cat took to this YOUMI Cat Scratching Post right away. It is as if she knew what it was for and that it was for her. I laugh at the whimsical appearance of this while at the same time my wife says that this cannot leave my home office.

The post comes shipped in a cardboard box and wrapped in plastic with some simple assembly required. The base folds in half for shipping, so I flattened it out and bolted on the carrot using provided bolt and Allen wrench. The provided instructions are somewhat nonsensical except for the exploded view diagram that makes assembly obvious.

The structure is very stable. Minus the leaves, the carrot is only sixteen inches tall, and the heavy base is thirteen and one-half inches in diameter. It is not likely to tip over under normal use, especially if the cat is standing on the base while scratching the carrot.

Overall, I am thrilled with this purchase as it is whimsical, well-built, and stable. It should attract her scratching instinct away from the carpet and furniture. I may sneak it downstairs after the holidays.