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Cactus Cat Scratching Post With Hammock Bed

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Weight 8.5 lbs
Dimensions 15.7 × 15.7 × 31.5 in




This Cat Tower have one Scratching Post on both sides, Cute Cactus shape can be integrated into any decorative style of living room. The innovatively designed Sisal Covered Bowl and Ball on the bottom adds extra fun.
The sisal is a material used in many environmentally friendly products, it is perfect for keeping Cats’ Nails Clean, Healthy and Strong.
Plush dangling ball could catch the attention and lead to full stretch for adult cats and small kittens, perfect for fun and relaxation.
The tools and Instructions are included, and can be installed by one person in five minutes with just a few simple steps.
31.5 “High, 15.7” by 15.7 “Base, Hammock at 15” Height, just the Right Size for Walls, Windows, Furniture.
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Cactus Cat Tree
Cactus Cat Tree

Soft and Comfy Tops

YOUMI designs the top with furry material and a hard center, which delivers a soft touch and enough support for kittens. It nicely satisfies your cats’ natural desire to climb, and they would enjoy climbing to the top to get the hanging ball or to scratch the side arms.

Cactus Cat Tree

Durable & Natural Sisal Ropes

Made of natural sisal ropes, our cat scratching post stands up to constant scratching while hardly losing fiber, which ensures your cat does not ingest by mistake. It’s very safe for your cats and their claws.

Cactus Cat Tree

Furry Ball for Extra Fun

The dangling ball is made of soft corduroy fabric, like a stuffed animal. It appeals to the cat’s instincts to hunt and your cat will be instantly amused with the furry ball.

Cactus Cat Tree

Stable Base

The thick base makes our scratching post sturdier than others. The scratching post can better protect your carpet and floor.

Cactus Cat Tree

Lounge In Hammock

The cactus hammock made of soft plush is well-designed to holds your cat like a lover’s hug which is full of warmth and safety.

Cactus Cat Tree

Play with dangling ball

The dangling ball on the post enhances cats’ playing time and provide extra fun. They can play with it by themselves while lounging in the hammock if they are boring.

Cactus Cat Tree

Scratch fully Wrapped Sisal Posts

Two scratching posts for your kitten to sharpen claws and release their energy. The 100% natural sisal is sturdy enough to withstand sharp scratching and gnawing.

Cactus Cat Tree
Cactus Cat Tree installation steps