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YOUMI Dog Rolling Slow Feeder Toys

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Good for Mental Stimulation:

Dog feeder toys can help pets increases iq and mental stimulation. Moreover the puzzle toy reduces boredom and destructive behavior, maintaining your dog's physical alertness, as to fulfill their hunting instincts! Interactive dog toy combines the mental stimulation of a puzzle with the tasty rewards of a treat.

Material Safety and Environmental Protection:

The interactive dog toy is composed of two materials, abs and tpe, and is injection molded through a composite process. The tpe on both sides of the cover surface is very soft, easy to reduce vibration and noise, making the dog toy very quiet when rolling. It is durable, non-toxic and safe for your pets.

Healthy Slow Eating:

Special inner structure controls the eating speed of your pets and prevents your pets from obesity. And it is good for you pets' digestion, especially those who gobble up their treats too fast. So fill the food dispensing toy with your dog's favorite treats, when the slow food toy is pushed by pets, it will roll and then leak out snacks.

Interactive Fun:

It can reduces dogs’ destructive behavior. This is a perfect healthy diversion with their favorite activities such as hunting, running and chasing. It necessary guide them to use it correctly for dogs who like destructive chewing.

Easy to Removable and Clean:

The rolling feeding toy is suitable for use on a flat and clean indoor floor. It is small in size and easy to carry. Our dog food dispenser adopts modular design and is easy to disassemble and assemble. It can make cleaning simple by hand-washing each part with warm, sudsy water. Rinse and dry before filling.

Customer Reviews

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My Dog Loves This

Younger dog loves this toy. His breeds are a mix of power-chewers so he can gnaw through anything. This item holds up quite well.

Fantastic for slowing down dogs that eat too fast, and gives them some self directed activity to do during the day.